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Greetings from 
The United Klans of America,

 We have sat back quiet long enough. It is very much apparent that America is under attack from within. Whether we like it or not times are changing in our Country and it seems everyone is asking for something.  We are not asking for anything at all. Yes we are displeased to see the change but that does not give any American the right to disrespect anyone and use the name of the Klan to be something they are not. Tolerance and Racist and two words that have enslaved a generation.                    People need to understand we are Americans! You are probably wondering why "The Klan" would say something like that and not attack the way you see others doing. Well I can tell you this, The Invisible Empire is alive and well and never going anywhere. The problem that has arisen is people that do not have Non Silba Sed Anthar in their hearts. You ask what is Non Silba Sed Anthar, "Not for self but for others". We as Americans have to stand up TOGETHER! People do not understand who the "True Klan" is all they see are people that just pop up and speak for all of us. That has got to end. NO ONE SPEAKS FOR THE UNITED KLANS OF AMERICA never has and never will. These people that want to scream "WHITE POWER” get over that boys. We have had WHITE POWER since this country started. We have an idea for you, have some WHITE PRIDE! What are missing everywhere are people that are proud to be white. You have black pride, brown pride, Asian pride, etc... But let a White man stand up and say he is proud to be white and all the public sees is these idiots that they put on TV screaming WHITE POWER and how much they "hate". The UKA only hates one thing, "The way WE are portrayed by all these other so called groups". We encourage anyone to contact us, and find out once and for all just who WE are and what The United Klans of America stand for in the 21st Century. 
God Bless, 
Bradley Jenkins 
Imperial Wizard 
The United Klans of America