Greetings IKA Members and Supporters,

  I, Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards am stepping down from the IKA and the movement as a whole.  I am going to start my life for the first time in over 30 years.  I have always put the movement first before my family.  I have taken the brunt for so many people over the years and have not said or thought about it.  MY family and myself I always put second for so long.  Its time I start to put my family first for once in my life.  I am turning over the IKA to Imperial Wizard Bradley Jenkins of The United Klans of America.  I ask all to support Brad in this issue.  Brother Brad has his hands full of work to be done.  I give Bradley my full support in doing this work that will never end.  Please welcome Bradley as the new Imperial Wizard of The IKA and show Bradley your support.  I ask everyone to please leave me alone and let me live my life for once with my family and my soon to be wife Rachel.  We will be getting married April, 20th 2016.  I ask that everyone please let me do this for once in my life and please don’t bother me so that I can move on with my life and family.  I’ll always believe in our cause and never will I turn my back on it.  But now it is my time to try to be happy for once in my life.  Thank everyone for your support and your loyalty to myself and the IKA.

HAIL VICTORY Brothers and Sisters,

Ron Edwards (IWIKA Ret.)

Also he IKA Crest is Copyrighted in my name and I at this time turning all Copyrights over to The United Klans of America and IW Bradley Jenkins.


A message to ISIS from

The United Klans of America:
You are hereby being put on notice that any acts of aggression 
on US soil will be met with aggression against you!  The United Klans of America will not buy into this Racial rhetoric that is being spread all across this Country that is only intended to divided the American people. We hunt down anyone that wishes our Country and its Citizens harm. We have operated in the shadows longer than you so do not underestimate that which you do not understand.  We would suggest that all Klans unite against this common enemy of that which we all took an Oath to defend.  

Bradley Jenkins
Imperial Wizard
The United Klans of America 


The United Klans of America are dedicating our lives to HELP FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Greetings from
The United Klans of America,

 We have sat back quiet long enough. It is very much apparent that America is under attack from within. Whether we like it or not times are changing in our Country and it seems everyone is asking for something.  We are not asking for anything at all. Yes we are displeased to see the change but that does not give any American the right to disrespect anyone and use the name of the Klan to be something they are not. Tolerance and Racist and two words that have enslaved a generation. People need to understand we are Americans! You are probably wondering why "The Klan" would say something like that and not attack the way you see others doing. Well I can tell you this, The Invisible Empire is alive and well and never going anywhere. The problem that has arisen is people that do not have Non Silba Sed Anthar in their hearts. You ask what is Non Silba Sed Anthar, "Not for self but for others". We as Americans have to stand up TOGETHER! People do not understand who the "True Klan" is all they see are people that just pop up and speak for all of us. That has got to end. NO ONE SPEAKS FOR THE UNITED KLANS OF AMERICA never has and never will. These people that want to scream "WHITE POWER” get over that boys. We have had WHITE POWER since this country started. We have an idea for you, have some WHITE PRIDE! What are missing everywhere are people that are proud to be white. You have black pride, brown pride, Asian pride, etc... But let a White man stand up and say he is proud to be white and all the public sees is these idiots that they put on TV screaming WHITE POWER and how much they "hate". The UKA only hates one thing, "The way WE are portrayed by all these other so called groups". We encourage anyone to contact us, and find out once and for all just who WE are and what The United Klans of America stand for in the 21st Century.
God Bless,
Bradley Jenkins
Imperial Wizard
The United Klans of America


To the lovers of law, order, peace and justice of all nations, people, tribes and tongues of the whole earth,
I, and the citizens of The United Klans of America, Order of the Ku Klux Klan, through me, make a declaration to you: 
We the members of this order, desiring to promote patriotism toward our civil government; honorable peace among men and nations; protection for and happiness in the homes of our people; manhood, brotherhood, and love ourselves, and liberty, justice and fraternity among all mankind among believing we can best accomplish those noble purposes through a mystic, social, patriotic, benevolent association, having a perfected lodge system, with an exalted ritualistic form of work and an effective form of government, not for selfish profit, but for the mutual betterment, benefit and protection of our oath-bound associates, and their loved ones; do physically, socially morally, and vocationally work toward a better America.  We also want you to be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing.  Just because someone is White does not mean they are right.  It is easy for someone to come out of the woodwork and order a Klan robe put it on and call themselves a Klansman, BEWARE!  Those that "take credit card's"  BEWARE!  They will talk ill of others in the open that is not Klanish. Klan take care of Klan.  If you would like to know more about the "TRUE" (sic) Klan then look for the ones that are living Non Silba Sed Anthar.  Those that do not need a pat on the back or a write up in a Main Stream Media rag, those people that choose to beg from money from their members are doing only one thing, looking for a paycheck from the members.  The time for silence is over The United Klans of America will clean up our Sacred Order and run these false prophet carpetbaggers back where they came from. 



By Imperial Kludd EK

The enemy of the WHITE race loves to see us divided! When we fight among ourselves, we are doing exactly what they want us to do. Often folks think just because they’re members of one of the WHITE religions that they can’t stand in solidarity with someone from another. That is what has been holding us back for years! First and foremost we are all WHITE! We are all fighting for the same cause, the preservation of OUR race. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian, Creator or an Odinist, we are all WHITE! All three religions are beneficial to our race. All three religions have important messages that when applied to everyday life furthers the cause.





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