Welcome and Racial Greetings,

  We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  By doing this you are taking the first step of displacing the stigma that hangs over our heads due to the image that the Liberal press has portrayed over the past few years.  This though is brought on by so called Klansmen showing up in front of cameras and acting like a straight fool.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we the members of The United Klans of America are here to tell you that is in no way how a Klansman acts.  The Klan is a Fraternal Order that is meant to help White Men and Women live a SEPARATIST not a SUPREMACIST lifestyle.  We walk among you everyday, interacting in our daily activities and most of the time you have no clue, unless we want you to.  

  All we ask is that the diversity you ask us to accept extend to us members of the Klan.  Why is it so hard to accept that a person can be proud to white, honor our forefathers, and still not live in hate?  We are reminded everyday by the presence of groups like the NAACP, UNCF, SPLC, ADL, etc that it seems the only race that can be labeled "Racist" are Whites.   I say this if loving our own race is being Racist then I guess if you must call it something then label it what you must to satisfy that hunt for the monster under the bed.  While all the while screaming diversity, but yet we have existed amongst you for over 30 years to the most part invisibly, well the UKA anyway, with no problems.  So as you visit out site answer this one question in your head.....Who is the TRUE Racist in this equation?  

Imperial Wizard 

Bradley Jenkins


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