By Robert E. Miles

Take off the hoods! scream the foes. "Come out into the open if you are not ashamed of what you believe in" is the cry of the liberal, the do-gooder and the federal traitors. What they are really saying is "Come out and let us get a better shot at you!" ... and they mean just that! Well, kinsmen, let us resolve any questions or doubts which you may have about that viper emanating hiss.

The word "invisible" in "Invisible Empire" means just that. It describes the condition of the Racial Resistance. It describes the manner in which that Resistance is intended to operate. It describes the type of weapons which that Resistance is to be equipped with in this coming era. Secrecy may not be fully possible in this electronic age but privacy, a degree of secrecy, is quite possible. Secrecy is what bedeviled the federal tyrants during the period of the First Era of the Order, that courageous Ku Klux Klan. Secrecy is what enables the few to confuse, confound and to conquer the many. It was the ability of the stalwart bands of individuals, surrounded on all sides by congoids and Washington-directed satraps and local sellouts, to appear, to disappear and to re-appear, that gave our South and our White Race its victory. It was the psychological warfare and innovation of the "now you see them, now you don't" type of cavalry tactics that enabled the Klan to terrify the foe and divide him up into easily digestible morsels. It was the inability of the local traitors, as prevalent then as now, to definitely identify who the masked rider was or where he came from. And the masked rider in the coming Fifth Era of the Klan will not be riding a horse called Silver, nor integrating with any Indians called "Tonto". Yet, he will fight for justice, for what is right, and for the rights of the white minority in both the East and the West, the North and the South. Yes, you had better believe it. He will be riding. It will be with a thunder of hooves, and a hearty "Ku Klux Klan" ringing out through the night, that he will herald in the Fifth Era of this Ancient and Honorable Society, this Astral Order called the Ku Klux Klan! 

The television era of the Klan, the Fourth Era, is dying and passing into history. It has served us well. But its age is over. Its duty has been done. We now enter the Fifth Era. There are four seasons to the year, not five. Yet, when we enter the fifth season, are we not entering the first all over again? Shall it not be so with the eras of the Invisible Empire also? Invisibility is a weapon. It is a terrific weapon. It is our weapon. It is the characteristic of the Order. It was the reason why the Order gained political power in the First Era. It does work. It can work. It shall work again. 
Those who are the spokesmen, the public lecturers and the open contacts for the Order, cannot become invisible. They accept the limitations and the burdens which such entails. They are lightning rods which the foes' fury falls upon in times of storm. Yet, they have a responsibility to safeguard those who are private, secret or invisible. Just as the lightning rod protects the ones inside the house, so must these human periscopes protect the ones who form the grand body of the Order. But let none confuse the roles! From here on in, the bulk of the membership must be secret! And that takes work. It takes planning and effort on the part of leaders, at all levels. If the Order is to again gain political power, it must regain the use of that tool which gave it its greatest victory. 

So, don't let the taunts of the foe cause you to raise your head above the edge of the trenches so that he can get a better sniper shot at you. Understand your role. Understand that we are in enemy occupied territory. No guerrilla force wears parade uniforms in battle. No special forces units wear medals into combat. No covert army ever succeeded where it let the foe chose the time of battle, the territory on which to fight, nor the manner in which to fight. We are the fog, the First of God! Let us again begin to plan, to train and to act as such in deadly seriousness. For, if we do not, we shall be quite dead, seriously!