To the American people, the elections that are held in November bring with it the hopes and dreams of a better America. Everywhere you turn, the politicians promise less crime, lower taxes, a balanced budget and anything else they think the American people want to hear. In November the public goes to the polls and elects these same politicians in hopes that these promises will be fulfilled. It is only after the elections that these supposed guardians of the public trust start to peel off the face that they’ve been hiding behind that we start to see who they really are, only to find out that we have been had again. In November, the politicians win and the American worker, farmer and small businessman loses. These men go by the name of President, Congressman and Governor, but should be called by their true names that best describe them: the November Criminals. The Ku Klux Klan speaks in public what most of you say around the dinner table to friends and family. We stand for Christ, Race and our Nation, and together with you, we can and will return the government back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs. Please help us help you. Join us in the fight for the future of tomorrow today.

This twelve point program makes up the foundation of our political beliefs.

1) Stop all NON-WHITE immigration. We cannot take care of everyone in the world. We have enough people in the United States. Let us send a message to the White House to stop this. It’s already out of hand.

2) Drug testing for all welfare recipients. If they have money for their drugs, they don’t need our tax dollars.

3) Quarantine all AIDS carriers. That’s how we can stop them from infecting our children and ourselves. We do not want to receive services from them, especially cooking or handling our food.

4) Make the purchase of American land and industry illegal for anyone except Americans. We could lose America simply by selling it away to foreigners a little at a time.

5) Do away with free trade that harms the American worker, and employ a policy of protectionism. We need to put America first, before any other country. Most countries already do this, we don’t.

6) Death penalty for repeat drug dealers. Drugs are killing our children, family and friends. If they can take a life, then they should give their one (their own).

7) Workfare not welfare. You work for your check, so should they. It would put pride back into their lives.

8) Put American troops on our borders. It would stop the illegal aliens from coming into our country. We do this for almost any country that asks for it. Now we want the same. Put America first.

9) Stop reverse discrimination by doing away with Affirmative Action. If you or I went for a job, and a non-white was there for the same job, who do you think would get it, even if we were better qualified for that job?

10) Declare all laws that are attempting to enforce gun control as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This government is taking away the rights of the American peoples to own and bear arms. Our forefathers put the second Amendment in the constitution to keep this government, or any other government, from taking over America and becoming a dictatorship.

11) Bring back the Bible. This country was built on the Holy Bible and was originally intended to be free, White and Christian. Without Christ in our lives, schools and public offices, we don’t have family values or morals and our children are unable to learn, allowing darkness to rule over our land.

12) Stop abortion. We cannot sit back and watch our children being tortured and murdered. That is ungodly. Our unborn children feel and experience pain the same as you and I. Let us stop legalized murdering of these poor innocent children that have not yet had a chance in the world. Let us protect the children that cannot protect themselves. There are many other issues that the Imperial Klans of America would like to see dealt with besides these.