The Solution to White Cowardice

The worse blacks treat whites, the more whites kiss up to blacks. Proving undeniably, that the majority of whites are cowards. They think they have no choice. Why?

Because society's status quo demands it!  White cowardice is what keeps the peace and maintains "business-as-usual". It keeps the lid on. The establishment knows this fact well, and enforces white cowardice everywhere, every day, coast to coast.  It punishes white offenders who dare step out of line.

Since it takes two to make a fight, all you have to do is hold one down, and then there'll be no fight. Hold down the whole race, and there'll be controlled racial peace and harmony, thus far less racial violence. The whole white race is being held down by enforced racial cowardice, which forbids whites to fight back or to even seek justice from those in authority, free from fear of reprisal.

All other peoples stick together and defend one another. Whites do not.

White are forbidden to by the established American culture, maintained, promoted, and enforced by all institutions, government, public, and private and justified 24/7 most especially and most effectively by the mass media which is thoroughly controlled by Jews who not only hate our guts, but who are committing systematic genocide against the White race, worldwide.

Peace and harmony and reduced racial violence are good for the status quo, good for business as usual, and therefore good for America. White cowardice is thusly in the self-interests of all institutions and all peoples of all races, including the white masses, themselves. White people have become slavish gluttons for punishment, programmed daily for over 40 years to love their chains.

When, for example, there's a fight on a school playground between a white and black, the white teacher will almost always take the side of the black, no matter who's at fault. This satisfies all the black students and prevents them from jumping in and causing even more violence and disruptions. Black parents are happy. The principal and staff are happy.


And the white parents and students take it all for granted because it's the norm or the status quo or the politically correct thing to do. Plus, they know thru experience that nobody in authority will take their side, and if they make a big stink about it, they'll be labeled racists, and their children will be singled out by blacks in school for even more abuse. Other whites will even turn on them for stirring up the blacks.

Similar scenarios play out a million or more times every day, all over the country, and not just in schools but everywhere - in the military, on the job, in the streets, and everywhere else where whites and blacks come together. Cops, military officers, company bosses, university officials, school principals, judges and prosecutors, and everybody else in authority, Black, White, Hispanic and Asian, all practice blatant anti-white discrimination in this manner. They all bend over backwards and do all they can to find fault with the white person who gets involved with any sort of confrontation with a black. Why? To defuse the confrontation and prevent it from spreading, thus maintain the status quo of relative peace and harmony and business as usual.

The white man must be held down at all costs and by all means, in the interests of American tranquility and security, and to preserve expanding racial diversity and the American multi-cultural way of life, while the white race drowns forever in seas of invading colored peoples with white men on their knees, and with chains of kosher, political correctness wrapped tightly around their arms and necks.

White cowardice is the 900 pound gorilla in the kitchen, everybody sees, but nobody talks about. And he has been stinking up the kitchen for half a century, and devouring the souls of white people, and the manhood and honor of white men.

What to do?? Expose the ugly SOB. Expose white cowardice. Shame Whitey and rub his nose in his own cowardice, until he throws off his chains of fear by coming together in white pride, white unity, and therefore, effective mutual white resistance, defense, and racial survival. And that can come about ONLY thru a national, activist, political, membership organization. Otherwise, White people have no place to go to unite and organize physically with other White people, sufficient in number and potential power to change the status quo.

Everything else is just talk, including the radio ads and talk shows.

This will come to little more than me exposing the Jews to lots of gentiles when they visit WN websites. Imagine if I was recommending a white political party to them, as well.

We offer White people no follow up, other than them becoming just more anonymous cyber space typists like us. Knowing and badmouthing the Jew is not the same as fighting the Jew.

Ten energetic, Jew-wise, capable WNs running for office and broadcasting radio ads in 10 states could easily recruit 10,000-20,000 members during 7 months of campaigning (May-Nov) into 10 huge party chapters. A political party for white people that could recruit the sheepish white masses in their millions within a few short years, until there are active and growing party chapters in virtually every town, city, and county in the country.

If you say this organizing of white Americans cannot be accomplished, then you say, in the same breath, that we are already hopeless slaves without any legal or political rights at all.

The power held by such a party, capable of effecting local, state, and national elections, as well as effecting American culture and changing the white-cowardice-status-quo, would be enormous. We'll have political power, something to take to the table, or bargaining chips to make us more equal to the other already well united and organized peoples. And the mass media would dare not ignore us any longer, or our beliefs or our agendas.

This should be done this year but it won't. What about 2016?? Think about it.

Are there 10 such men who even exist, out of 75 million white American men??   If you think you might be one, let it be known

"Mightier than the tread of marching armies, and mightier than the lies of all the ZOGs combined, is the power of an Aryan idea whose time has come"

Hail Victory!!!